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We are a research-driven consulting company that specializes in mathematical programming, geo-spatial-data analysis and discrete event simulations. We leverage the power of advanced algorithms and computational models to provide clients with accurate, reliable, and cost-saving solutions for complex, real-world problems. Through our simulations of intricate systems, we offer insights that can drive informed decision-making across various industries, including logistics, public-safety, and transportation.

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Recent Consulting Projects

Map of Doha with the Metro

Large-Scale Simulations of Crowds

During major events, additional stress is placed on the transportation infrastructure of cities, which is usually already at capacity. This can lead to dangerous bottlenecks that can endanger people's lives. In the course of a project in cooperation with Desior GmbH, we programmed an interactive simulation model that can depict the everyday movements as well as movements during special events of people within large cities. The model allows us to identify bottlenecks in order to adapt the transport infrastructure to the predicted conditions. It can easily be adapted to incorporate all kinds of events and new cities.

Split Parcel Visualisation

Simulating Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations simulations provide valuable insights for large online retailers and warehouse specialist looking to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our state-of-the-art simulation framework developed in cooperation with PLANNINGIO GmbH, allows companies to model various operational strategies and predict outcomes accurately, thereby enabling informed decision-making. This helps retailers not only to streamline their stock-keeping-unit flows but also decrease associated costs significantly, leading to improved profitability, operational resilience and customer satisfaction.

Split Parcel Visualisation

Routing and Timetable Optimizations

Vehicle routing and timetable optimizations are important elements for enhancing the logistics operations of any business that relies on transportation. Efficient routing and scheduling can drastically reduce costs, improve delivery times, and increase overall customer satisfaction. By integrating real word traffic data and road conditions, we’ve created a dynamic framework that maps out the most efficient routes. Our tailored solutions help businesses minimize idle times, reduce fuel consumption, and lower emissions, contributing to a more sustainable logistical approach.

Split Parcel Visualisation

Metro Inflow Optimization to prevent Overcrowding

Policymakers and transportation planners must ensure safe transportation during large-scale events or during rush-hours, especially in metro systems that are not designed to handle high demand, as overcrowding can lead to dangerous situations and even fatalities. We developed an optimization framework applicable in real-world operations that incorporates the predicted demands, real time-data and the capacity limitations of metro systems. Our framework can assist policymakers and transportation planners to control the passenger flows and thereby prevent overcrowding and accidents.

Visualisation of Districts

Emergency Service Districting

Emergency services must address the needs of citizens, personnel, and administrators. Citizens seek prompt, effective responses, while personnel require balanced risks and workloads. Administrators need to align these objectives, usually with limited resources. In cooperation with two police authorities, we developed a framework that serves as a strategic decision support system to optimize and assess districting layouts, department locations, staffing decisions and dispatching strategies. The framework can help administrators to reduce the response time while also improving other criteria.

Split Parcel Visualisation

Split Order Minimisation in E-Commerce

For large online retailers, split orders can be a costly issue. They occur if a company fulfils customer orders which include several stock-keeping units with deliveries from multiple warehouses. These deliveries increase the workload, the shipping costs and the negative environmental impact. Based on several years of research with extensive benchmarking, we have developed a machine-learning assisted algorithm. Our algorithm can help retailers to optimize their SKU-warehouse allocations in order to significantly reduce the number of split parcels and save millions.

About us

Tobias Vlcek

Dr. Tobias Vlćek,
Managing Director

Dr. Tobias Vlćek pursued his studies in Economics at the University of Hamburg, specializing in logistics. Following this, he successfully finished his PhD at the Institute of Logistics, Transport, and Production. His work is focused on geo-spatial data, mathematical modelling, and discrete event simulations. Throughout his career, Tobias has been actively involved in various projects, collaborating with partners from both the industrial sector and government agencies.



We are passionate about applying innovative mathematical techniques to help you streamline processes, reduce costs, and make better-informed decisions. We understand that each client's needs are unique, and we're eager to learn more about your specific challenges and goals. To get in touch with us and explore how our expertise in mathematical optimization and simulations can benefit your business, contact us. 

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Knut Haase

Knut Haase

Prof. Knut Haase serves as the Director of the Institute of Logistics, Transport, and Production at the University of Hamburg. He is known for his research on choice-based optimization and the use of operations research to enhance public safety during large events. As a testament to his work, Prof. Haase has published his work in the leading journals of his field. 

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Desior GmbH comprises a team of experts specializing in Operational Research, a scientific domain that seamlessly integrates computer sciences, artificial intelligence, and business analytics. They offer strategic guidance and decision-support to their clients  while delivering cutting-edge software solutions to address intricate planning challenges.

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The PLANNINGIO GmbH team specializes in the customized simulation and optimization of production systems in the process industry. They develop digital twins of their customers' production systems as mathematical models in order to provide feasible production plans and decisions, taking into account all specifications and constraints.

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BeyondSimulations UG (haftungsbeschränkt) has a stake in decorum SOLAR GmbH. The company is focused on advancing the expansion of renewable energies in the area of Hamburg. The company installs small photovoltaic systems on flat and inclined roofs, balconies and terraces and educates customers on their use to help them save costs and emissions.

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